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ISHPDB Public Data
This database is intended to compare confinement, transport and various physical phenomena which may be commonly observed among several stellarator-heliotron devices.
The general philosophy of the International Stellarator-Heliotron Profile Database (ISHPDB) is to collect and assess contributions for a concise documentation of stellarator-heliotron performance.
ISHPDB public data consist of the published data. The data are included each physics topics.
The profile data are provided in the UFILE format, which is adopted in the ITER profile database.
All profile data in ISHPDB public are accessible. The configuration data are in the restricted area.
Any publication from material stored on this web-site requires agreement from the collaborators.

Physics Topics
Confinement Data
Confinement data are included in ISHCDB (International Stellarator-Heliotron Confinement Database).
Assessments of the energy confinement are expressed in forms of International Stellarator Scalings, ISS.
Core Electron Root Confinement (CERC).
High Beta
High beta data
Validation of Neoclassical Transport
Validation of neoclassical transport theory.
High Performance
Data in the high performance group have high nτT in principle.
High Ti
High Ti
Edge Turbulence
Edge Turbulence
Plasma Flows
Toroidal and Poloidal Rotation
Particle transport after pellet injection
Code verification and benchmark
Collection of reference cases for present and future cross-code comparisons and benchmark.

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